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“HOUSING is the answer to HOMELESSNESS’” – Greg Shinn, Creative Housing Solutions

The first line you find on the Salvation Army Sarasota’s website is a large format banner that shouts “20% of Sarasota’s Homeless Population are Children, 100% are in need of HOPE.” Homelessness has plagued the city of Sarasota for years now and has remained a focal point in many city-wide discussions in 2019. While the solution has yet to be identified, there are several organizations spearheading programs to support and eventually eliminate homelessness. The most well-known of these organizations is the Salvation Army of Sarasota.

People become homeless due to a variety of circumstances such as family crises, job loss, financial crisis, accidents, major illness or even natural disasters. The lack of affordable housing within Sarasota only serves to complicate this issue further. The Salvation Army has taken it upon themselves to provide numerous support and prevention programs to support those in need. These programs include:

·        Emergency Shelters

·        Community Feeding

·        Voluntary Interim Placement (Including Enhanced Recovery Programs)

·        Quality Life by Choice (Q-Life)

·        Family Resident Services

·        Emergency Financial Assistance

The Salvation Army is an International Movement that stemmed from an evangelical part of a Universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Through our most recent transaction, CATALIST REALTY was able to facilitate our client in donating back to the Salvation Army. The value of the transaction amounts to about 150 Nights of Safe Shelter for men and women experiencing Homelessness!

When meeting with the Salvation Army we asked, “What is one way that the community can get more involved and support you in the coming months”. Their response was this:

Because we have one less week of bell ringing due to the late Thanksgiving date this year, we could really use additional Volunteers and bell ringers to cover 2-Hour Shifts (or more) at different locations throughout the City/County. Groups, Churches, Businesses and other Civic Organizations can cover a full day (11:00am-7:00pm) and will get a sign saying “Volunteers Courtesy of ________”. The Ringing starts November 29th and runs through December 24th at most Publix and Walmart locations.

If you have a special spot in your heart for serving and supporting homeless adults and children, PLEASE contact


Catalist Realty is proud to be a local partner and supporter of unrestricted donations for any and all non-profits. 

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