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“Hope is being able to see there is light despite all of the darkness’” - Desmond Tutu

The Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) is our State Certified Non-Profit supporting Sarasota and Desoto Counties with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services. This organization is vital in treating victims and supporting social work, while prioritizing social change through community awareness, education and prevention programs.

This week we are fortunate to highlight a very special donation from one of our very first clients. They have a long standing relationship with SPARCC, with several family members actively participating on boards and committees for the non-profit. This particular donation is being given in honor of their recently passed grandmother, Anne O. Swain, who was a huge advocate and volunteer for the organization.

As an unrestricted donation to SPARCC, the organization can use these dollars to fund areas with the most need within the organization. In this case, Executive Director Jessica Hays explained that these dollars will likely support one of the following:

  1. 20 counseling session for victims to promote hope and healing

  2. 50 sexual assault kits to provide to daily victims in need of care

  3. 8 nights of shelter for mothers and children affected by domestic violence

  4. 30 initial crisis intervention services for clients to create support programs

Walking through the halls of SPARCC is an eye-opening experience. They offer confidentiality and support to men, women and children living in what might be the darkest parts of their lives. After spending an afternoon with the team, Catalist Realty felt compelled to get involved beyond our initial donation.

In October, to celebrate the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Catalist Realty and McCullough Legal Services will be sponsoring a team in SPARCC’s AMAZING RAISE fundraiser. Stay tuned for pictures and results!

The most important thing is that this money is donated as “Unrestricted Funds” allowing them to spend it in the most critical area of need at the time. Unrestricted donations are the largest need for non-profits, and typically the hardest donations to find. Catalist Realty is proud to be a local partner and supporter of unrestricted donations for any and all non-profits. Special thank you to McCullough Legal Services for handling the closing of this transaction and contributing a portion of the closing fee to the cause as well!

Give us a call today at 941.777.2968 or reach us at INFO@CATALISTREALTY.COM 

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